Senior School Staff

College Headmaster Mr Jeremy Gladwin
Headmaster's PA Mrs Sandra Hayes
Admissions Officer Mrs Christine Stanley

Senior Management Team

Deputy Head (Academic) Mr Graham Brooks
Deputy Head (Boarding) Mr Chris Woodhouse
Assistant Head (Pastoral) & Senior Designated Safeguarding Lead Ms Jane Daly
Head of Sixth Form Mrs Linda Dickinson
Examinations Officer Mr Tim Herbert
Senior Teacher (MIS and Timetable) Mr Keith Irvine
Policy Co-Ordinator Mrs Beth Wheeler
Educational Data Mr Mark McGrath


Senior School Teaching Staff

Mrs Kay Adkins

PE, Head of Rounders

Mr David Arkell

College Musician

Mrs Helen Atkinson

Learning Support

Mr Tom Atkinson

Housemaster Sutton House, History

Mr Stephen Bacon

Director of IT

Mr Adrian Baker

Head of Physics

Mr Charlie Bannister

Head of Chemistry, Head of Boys’ Hockey

Mr Adrian Barlow


Mr Sandy Barnard


Mr Nym Barnes


Mrs Amy Barrat

Business Studies, Economics

Miss Abigail Barrett

Sports Coach

Mr Paul Bashford

School Shop Manager, Games

Mr John Bauer

Physics, Deputy HsM Hayward House, Resident Assistant Rowe House

Mr Andre Beukes

Head of Rugby

Mr John Birchall

Head of Economics & Business Studies

Mrs Judith Bichara


Mr Christopher Bolton

Sports Coach, Resident Assistant RPH

Mrs Claire Bond

Head of English

Mrs Ruth Bravo

Head of Spanish

Mrs Elizabeth Bridle

Head of Learning Support

Mr Graham Brooks

Deputy Head, History

Mr Corne de Bruyn

Design & Technology

Ms Emma Chaplin


Ms Caroline Cottee

Biology, Psychology, Deputy HsM Sutton House

Dr Lucy Cresswell

Head of Classics

Mrs Marie-Lorraine Cunin

Head of French

Ms Jane Daly

Assistant Head (Pastoral), German

Miss Abigail Daniels

Drama Assistant

Mrs Linda Dickinson

Head of Sixth Form, English

Mr Matt Drury

Deputy HsM - RPH,  Geography, Head of Cricket

Ms Sophia Eckardt

German Assistant, Resident Assistant Young House

Miss Juliet Edworthy


Mr Phil Elliston

Design Technician

Miss Celyn Emanuel

Sports Coach, Resident Assistant Trotman House

Mr Costa Fafalios

Mathematics, i/c Community Service

Mr Nicholas Featherstone


Mrs Hannah Ferguson

Biology, Deputy HsM Young House

Mr James Ferguson


Mrs Hannah Fordham

Head of Athletics & Girls' Cricket

Miss Heather Francis

Sports Coach

Ms Fiona Freckleton

Mathematics, Deputy HsM Tee House

Mr Anthony Fulton

English, Media Studies

Ms Claire Gale

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Mrs Maggie Garrett


Mrs Rita Gearing

Learning Support

Miss Kate Gregory

Head of German, Housemistress Benson House

Mr Peter Griffin

Housemaster Rowe House, Design & Technology

Mrs Sasha Gunes

Design & Technology

Mrs Deborah Hearne

Head of Higher Education & Careers

Mr Tim Herbert

Examinations Officer

Mrs Joanne Hewson

Design & Technology

Mr Richard Honey

Housemaster Robert Pearce House, Head of Art

Mrs Tina Hood

Housemistress Young House, Mathematics

Mrs Deborah Huggett

Head of Swimming

Mr David Hughes


Mr Alexander Ingram

Sports Coach, Resident Assistant Rowe House

Mr Keith Irvine

Senior Teacher, i/c Management Information System (MIS), Timetable and Calendar, Geography

Ms Julia Kay

Netball Coach

Mrs Cassie Kennedy

Higher Education & Careers

Mr John Kirton

Chemistry, Biology, PE

Mr Simon Lipscombe

Housemaster Hayward House, English

Mr George Littlechild

Rugby Coach

Mrs Gill Lynch

DofE Coordinator, Latin

Mrs Laura Mancebo


Mrs Jenny Marshall

Head of Psychology

Mrs Colleen Marshman


Mr Mark McGrath

Head of Mathematics, SMT Educational Data

Dr Stuart McPeake

Head of Science, Biology

Miss Lucie Michell


Mrs Gerda Miller

Learning Support

Mr Ian Morris

College Chaplain, RE

Ms Charlotte Munck

Art, Deputy HsM Benson House

Mr Oliver Murley


Mr Shaun Murtagh-Howard

Economics, Business Studies

Mr Richard Norman

Director of Drama

Mr Iago Nunez


Dr Peter O’Connor

Director of Teaching & Learning, Geography

Mrs Janet Oldfield

Housemistress Tee House, Mathematics

Mrs Jennifer Payne


Mrs Helen Pervez

Acting Director of Music, Head of Music (Senior School)

Mrs Anne Picton


Mr Nick Prowse

PE, Head of Girls’ Hockey, Assistant Director of Sport

Miss Clare Pryce

Design and Technology

Mr David Roberts

Sports Coach, Resident Tutor Rowe House

Miss Lucia Sanchez-Miguel

Spanish Assistant, Resident Assistant Trotman House

Mrs Suzanne Santurri

Higher Education & Careers

Miss Despina Savva

Physics, Deputy HsM Collett House

Mrs Alison Self

Head of Politics, History

Mrs Lyndsay Shepherd

Director of College Sport

Mrs Estelle Shilton-Heath

Learning Support Assistant

Miss Rebecca Speight

English, Resident Tutor/Deputy HsM Trotman House

Mr Tom Stuart

Head of History

Mr Chris Sutherland

Art, Deputy HsM Rowe House

Mr Alex Swart-Wilson

History, Housemaster Collett House

Mrs Joanne Taylor


Mr Nicholas Tether

Head of Geography

Mr Mike Tomkys

Head of Media Studies, English

Mr John Trant

Head of Design & Technology

Mrs Joanna Vernon-Harcourt


Mrs Louisa Watson

PE, Games, Head of Netball, Head of Satellite Sports

Mrs Maggs Webb

French Assistant

Mrs Beth Wheeler

Head of Biology, SMT

Mr Martin Wilson

D of E Award, Games Coach

Mrs Sarah Wilson

Housemistress Alliott House, French

Mr Patrick Winter

Head of Religious Studies, Head of Lower 6th

Mr Chris Woodhouse

Deputy Head, Head of Boarding, Head of PSHE, Biology, RE

Mrs Sarah Wyatt

Housemistress - Trotman House, Maths


Quote - ISI Inspection - Teaching

The contribution of teaching throughout the College is excellent. It plays a vital role in enabling the pupils to achieve high standards in their learning and meets the aims of the College to encourage and challenge each pupil to fulfil his or her true potential.

ISI Inspection