Prep School Staff

Prep School Head Mr Bill Toleman
Prep School Head's PA Mrs Kerry Jones
Admissions Officer Mrs Fiona Brett

Senior Management Team

Deputy Head Mr Graham Millard
Head of Shell & Deputy DSL Mrs Kirsty Brooks
Senior Teacher (Pastoral) & DSL Mr Richard Clough
Head of Mathematics, Communications Co-ordinator Mr Neil Eddom
Housemaster -
Grimwade House & Senior Teacher (Operations)
Mr Adrian Hathaway
Director of Studies Mrs Wendy Sharman


"Teaching challenges pupils to think for themselves, often intriguing them and frequently inspiring them to pursue ideas further. Resources and teaching methods are deployed to excellent effect to spark interest, to aid understanding and to keep pupils actively engaged". ISI Inspection 2011

Prep School Teaching Staff

Mrs Kay Adkins

Swimming/PE and Games

Mrs Belinda Aitken


Mrs Helen Atkinson

Learning Support

Miss Emily Baldwin GAP Assistant

Mrs Debra Balshaw


Mr Sandy Barnard

Latin, Mathematics

Miss Alice Beckley 

Head of Art

Mr Andre Beukes

Head of  Rugby

Mrs Rachael Borthwick

Head of Year (Form 2), Mathematics, Activities Co-ordinator

Mrs Lizzie Bridle

Head of Learning Support

Mrs Kirsty Brooks

Head of Shell, Deputy DSL (LS-F1)

Mr Corne de Bruyn

Design & Technology

Miss Emmanuelle Carme

Senior Teacher, Head of French, Spanish

Miss Nicole Clements

Science, Housemistress - Newbury

Mr Richard Clough

Senior Teacher (Pastoral), Head of Geography, DSL

Mrs Imogen Cowan

Head of Year (Lower Third), Head of German, French, Deputy DSL (F2-U3)

Mrs Sarah Culley


Mrs Kate Davey


Miss Cassie Drury

Shell Teacher (Head of Upper Shell)

Mr Neil Eddom

Head of Mathematics, Communications Co-ordinator

Miss Caroline Edmunds

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Dr Andrew Edwards

Science, Resident Tutor in Grimwade

Ms Koko Edwards

Resident Matron - Grimwade

Mrs Hannah Fordham

Head of Girls' CricketHousemistress - Monk-Jones, Geography

Mrs Livia Fraser

Head of RE

Ms Louise Gordon

Director of Sport

Mr Simon Gunter

English, Housemaster - Westfield

Mrs Melanie-Jane Haddow

Teaching Assistant (Shell)

Ms Lizzie Hall

Prep School Librarian

Mr Richard Hamlyn

Shell Teacher, Newsletter Editor

Mr Adrian Hathaway

Housemaster – Grimwade, Senior Teacher (Operations), Science

Miss Jessica Hathaway

Shell Teacher

Mrs Mandy Hathaway

Houseparent – Grimwade

Mr David Herd

Head of Year (Form One), English

Mrs Deborah Huggett

Head of Swimming

Mr David Hughes

Head of Cricket, Games

Mr Ed Jones

Head of Year (Upper Third), Deputy Housemaster - Grimwade, French

Mrs Fiona Jones

Head of Spanish, French

Mrs Natalie Kain

1:1 Care Assistant

Mrs Julia Krosny-Reed

Head of Science, EVC

Mrs Andrea Lamyman

Assistant Librarian

Mrs Anne Leach

History, Geography, Science and English

Mrs Annette Leith

Teaching Assistant (Shell)

Mrs Louise Mason

Playground/Reading Assistant (Shell)

Miss Grace McConnell

GAP Assistant

Mr Graham Millard

Deputy Head, Science

Miss Jane Mitchell

Head of English

Mr Ian Morris

College Chaplain, RE

Mrs Luci Neville

Head of Drama, Housemistress – Newbury House

Mrs Jennie North


Mr Iago Nunez


Mr Jaypea Opperman

Mathematics, Gifted & Talented Co-ordinator

Mr Thomas Plunkett


Mrs Julie Pickard

Geography, Deputy DSL

Mr Nick Prowse

Assistant Director of Sport, PE

Mr Mark Self

History, Head of PSHEE, Housemaster - Monk-Jones

Mrs Wendy Sharman

Director of Studies

Mrs Frances Sharpsmith

Head of ICT

Mrs Lorraine Short

Resident House Tutor - Grimwade

Mr Nick Smith

Shell Teacher, Visiting Tutor, Grimwade

Mr Rupert Snow

Head of History

Mrs Jeanne Stacey

Drama, LAMDA

Mr Joe Surrage

Shell Teacher

Mr Jonathan Talbot Rice

English, Geography, Housemaster – Westfield

Mrs Jane Towns

RE, History

Mrs Louise Vandenberg

Learning Support, Visiting Tutor - Grimwade

Mr Joseph Ward

GAP Assistant

Mrs Shona Ward-Booth

Lab Technician

Mrs Louisa Watson

PE, Head of Netball

Miss Ellie West Sport PGCE Student

Mr Paul West

Director of College Music

Ms Stephanie Westwood PE (maternity cover)


Please note:

  • All Prep School teaching staff are involved in the Prep School Games programme. Those staff listed for Games work solely within the Sports Department.