Pre-Prep School Staff

Head of Pre-Prep School Miss Belinda Callow
Admissions Officer & Head of Pre-Prep's PA Mrs Sally McGuiness
Admin & Admissions Assistant Mrs Sarah-Jane Yates

ISI Inspection 2017 

"Throughout the school, pupils are highly articulate. They begin to develop this ability in the EYFS where they question confidently and express their ideas and views intelligently. Teachers always give children time to express themselves, so building their confidence."

Pre-Prep Staff

Reception - Hummingbirds – (RecH)

Miss Charlotte Cuthbert

Class Teacher

Miss Rebecca Kimmett

Teaching Assistant

Reception - Kingfishers (RecK)

Ms Kate Howes

Class Teacher

Mrs Michelle Fenlon

Teaching Assistant

Year 1 – Hedgehogs

Miss Emily Tattersall

Class Teacher

Mrs Melissa Badman

Teaching Assistant

Year 1 – Squirrels

Mrs Rebecca Smith

Class Teacher

Mrs Wendy Belton

Teaching Assistant

Year 2 – Meerkats

Mrs Nicola Rossington

Class Teacher

Miss Michelle Skingley

Teaching Assistant

Year 2 – Lemurs

Mrs Claire Martin

Class Teacher and DSL

Mrs Sarah Pearson-Phillips

Teaching Assistant

Learning Support

Mrs Anita Foy

Learning Support Teaching Assistant

Early Stay/Playground

 Mrs Elisa Vidal

Early Morning Carer - Playtime and Mid-Day Assistant/Classroom Assistant

Late Late Stay

Mrs Patricia Grainger

Wrap-Around Care Assistant

Information Technology

Mrs Julie Windley

IT Teacher


Mrs Belinda Aitken

Music Teacher

PE, Games, Swimming

Mrs Kay Adkins

PE & Swimming Teacher


Mrs Hannah Fordham

Head of Athletics & Girls' Cricket


Mrs Deborah Huggett

Swimming Teacher


Mr David Hughes

Games Coach


Mr Nicholas Prowse

PE/Games Teacher


Mrs Louisa Watson

PE/Games Teacher

Peripatetic Teachers

Mrs Rosemary Gould

Violin Teacher


Mrs Julia Johnson

Piano Teacher


Mr Tim Steggals

Cello Teacher