DofE Explorers Go For Gold in Yorkshire

Sixth Form 16-18
Posted on: July 4th 2019

U6 group walking on Gold DofE Assessed Expedition 2019

Upper Sixth Form students faced a number of unexpected challenges on their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Assessed Expedition at the end of June, including temperatures that plunged from 30 to 0 degrees in just two days, lovely sunshine and thick fog, vomiting, blisters, constipation and mild exposure. However, despite all the obstacles, the students should be proud of themselves, as they coped well, showed great teamwork and were polite and courteous throughout.

DofE Gold students on their assessed expedition 2019 Campsite on Gold DofE Assessed Expedition 2019

Fog in Yorkshire for U6 Gold DofE Assessed Expedition

Sign on Gold DofE assessed expedition 2019 Gold DofE students walking on assessed expedition 2019

The campsites were all caravan and camping ones except for the last night, when the group enjoyed the true Gold experience of wild camping with a very scenic toilet - a small woodland area.

Navigation proved interesting and the staff were highly amused watching the tracker of one group, who developed a liking for walking East instead of West, and vice versa, resulting in extra mileage for them. On the last morning one group turned left out of the campsite instead of right, which staff put down to extreme tiredness.

The final challenge facing the students is to complete the other sections of the award and receive an invitation to the Palace!