Year 1s' Day with Florence Nightingale

Pre-Prep 4-7
Posted on: January 13th 2017

 Year 1 Florence Nightingale Drama Day

In Pre-Prep Year 1 have begun the new year, and a new topic, with a Wow start! History off the Page Company spent the day with them on Thursday. In the morning the children met ‘Florence Nightingale’ and visited eight different stations, where they handled historical objects and discussed their physical features, construction, function, design and value.

In the afternoon, "Florence" explained to the children that as Scutari Hospital is so badly organised, everyone needed to work to improve things. The children role-played being soldiers, nurses, army doctors, orderlies, kitchen staff, gardeners, laundry workers and reporters. There was a poignant end, as Florence spoke about the end of her life, establishing her training hospital and meeting Queen Victoria. She closed her eyes and the children tiptoed out of the hall. It reflected the whole day, how absorbed and engaged the children were throughout.

 Year 1 Florence Nightingale Drama Day Year 1 Florence Nightingale Drama Day

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