Team Building, Bushcraft and Orienteering

Prep 7-13
Posted on: September 27th 2022

Lower Third working together on teambuilding challenge

On Thursday 8th September, the fields by the Doggart Pavilion were transformed into a 'Wise-Up' team building challenge hub where our Lower Third pupils were presented with 38 different tasks and challenges including 'Caterpillar Crawl', 'Dyno Ball' and 'Stepping Stones'. 

Lower Third teambuilding challenge Lower Third team building challenges

With the weather on their side, pupils were motivated and keen to get stuck into the challenges, and improve their teamwork and communication skills. They adapted well to the many challenges they faced, working together whilst each using their own natural skills and attributes to help others and complete the tasks. 

Not too long after, on Thursday 22nd September, Upper Shell pupils had a brilliant day outdoors learning various survival skills. Using their imaginations, to pretend they were stranded with no communications with the outside world, pupils learned essential skills relating to orienteering with a map, navigating using a compass, and making fire. Team building skills were put to the test and the pupils had a wonderful day immersing themselves in a variety of activities, developing their skills and creating memories. 

Shell teambuilding challenge Shell pupils talking together in teambuilding challenge




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