Lower Sixth Take the Lead

Sixth Form 16-18
Posted on: June 10th 2022

Lower Sixth Leadership Course Activity

Just before half term, having finished their end of year exams, Lower Sixth students participated in a 2-day Leadership Skills course designed to develop their skill set in preparation for future higher education and employment. 

The course began with talks from visiting speaker, James Darley, CEO of Transform Society, who outlined the graduate market that the students will soon join. James focused on the essential steps students can take now to ensure they have access to a wide range of opportunities in the future. A key part of this is reflecting on what sort of leader they see themselves as and how they can work to foster and develop this. Students were encouraged to consider whether they were a creative, process driven or people driven leader. 

Lower Sixth Leadership Course Stick Challenge Lower Sixth Leadership Course Navigating through obstacles

Lower Sixth Leadership Course Challenge Lower Sixth Leadership Course Ball and Tube

Students put these skills into action later that afternoon when they took on a variety of leadership and skill-based challenges in teams. Students were able to work on their teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills amongst others. 

On the second day of the course, students focused on the here and now, considering how they can make a difference at the College by stepping up to take on leadership roles such as Prefects, Heads of House and Heads of School. Working with their Housemasters/mistresses, students thought about how they could use their skills to contribute to the leadership of their Houses, year group and school. 

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