Prep School Pupils' Writing Talents Recognised

Prep 7-13
Posted on: April 29th 2022

Storytelling challenge winner cartoon

Three Prep School pupils have been recognised for their superb writing skills. 

Back in early February, The Day Magazine held a mini storytelling challenge in honour of National Storytelling Week, inviting pupils to write a captivating short story between 100 - 200 words about anything they wanted to. 

With many pupils from schools across the country submitting stories, we were delighted to learn that Lower Third and Form 1 pupils, Iris W and Elena M, were awarded runners up for their stories 'SuperBert' and 'Witchcraft', whilst Lower Third pupil, Elizabeth B, has been named as one of the winners and has had her story turned into a one-of-a-kind cartoon. 

All three stories also feature on The Day's website and can be read here: Our storytelling challenge winners - The Day 

Well done to Elizabeth, Iris and Elena for their fantastic short stories! 



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