National Science Week Celebrations

Prep 7-13
Posted on: March 18th 2022

Science Workshop pupils smiling looking at items

Throughout the week the Prep School have been celebrating National Science Week with a variety of thrilling, investigate lessons using their analytical and data interpreting skills to uncover mysteries! 

Upper Shell using UV light Upper Shell pupils looking at data

In Upper Shell, pupils became CSI Trainees for the day as they learned the skills of fingerprint analysis, matching DNA codes, investigating inks using chromatography and using UV light to uncover hidden messages and crack codes. 

Meanwhile in the Prep School, pupils in Forms 1 and 2 had another mystery on their hands as it turns out someone had 'stolen a dog from the dog show'! It was up to our brave pupils to use their scientific knowledge and skills to solve the mystery. 

Science Workshop pupils discussing ideas Science Workshop pupils inspecting items

Science was brought to life as pupils practiced their observation and exploration skills as well as asking many thoughtful questions. Working together in small groups, the investigators taped off the area of the 'dognapping' in order to protect any evidence and avoid it being tampered with. Leading onto their investigation of the crime scene, pupils identified, collected, interpreted and analysed the series of clues and evidence that the culprit had left behind. These included fingerprints, shoe impressions, hairs, fibres, bones, DNA and more. 

Science Workshop pupils looking through magnifying glass Science Workshop pupils working out clues

Luckily, our skilled investigators had no trouble solving the mystery and did so in record time! 

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