Prep School Race to the Fields

Prep 7-13
Posted on: June 29th 2021

Shell Sports Day girls cheering together

On Friday 25th June, the sun came out just in time for a brilliant Shell Sports Day. Every pupils challenged themselves to achieve their best and give everything for their team as they participated in sprint and long distance races, obstacle and hurdle relays, target throwing and long jump, creating an electric atmosphere and an action-packed afternoon.

Shell Sports Day boy running over hurdles Shell Sports Day girl running 

Shell Sports Day boy with hoop

League Results:

1st – Canterbury

2nd – Durham

3rd – Worcester

4th - York

Individual Pupil Results: 

Shell Sports Day pupils racing

Lower Shell Girls 50m Laila C
Lower Shell Boys 50m Nathan A
Upper Shell Girls 100m Millie C
Upper Shell Boys 100m Max D and Freddie O'B
Upper Shell Boys 600m Max D
Upper Shell Girls 600m Millie C
Lower Shell Boys 600m Teddy H
Lower Shell Girls 600m Laila C



Shell Sports Day girl long jumping

Upper Shell Boys Long Jump Rupert H
Upper Shell Girls Long Jump Nyah C
Lower Shell Boys Long Jump Henry H
Lower Shell Girls Long Jump Alice V



Shell Sports Day girls cheering

Upper Shell Boys Ball Throw Alex S
Upper Shell Girls Ball Throw Amira P-G
Lower Shell Boys Ball Throw Thabani D
Lower Shell Girls Ball Throw  Alicya A


Prep School Sports Day Pupils Cheering

On Saturday 26th June, it was the turn of our Form 1 to Upper Third pupils to take to the fields and give their all for their Houses on their Sports Day. Once again the sun was shining and the pupils were eager to get started. An active morning of High Jumps, Javelin throws, long jumps and relay races, to name but a few of the athletics events, saw the pupils determined and committed to winning those all-important House points, whilst simultaneously showing excellent sportsmanship and a spirit of camaraderie.


House Results:

1st Westfield

2nd Monk-Jones

3rd Grimwade

4th Newbury

Individual Pupil Results: 

Prep School Sports Day girls running

  100m 200m 800m
Form 1 Boys Ted V-H Harrison K George C
Form 1 Girls Ava I-W Morire A Aster M
Form 2 Boys William R Ethan H Harry L
Form 2 Girls Emily P Evie C Emily P
Lower Third Boys Freddie O Inioluwa A Manny R
Lower Third Girls Beth M Nina L Lucy F
Upper Third Boys Sam C Hadley C Freddie H
Upper Third Girls Zoe B Neve L-A Alice L



Prep School Sports Day boy high jumping Prep School Sports Day girl long jumping

  Long Jump High Jump Ball Throw
Form 1 Boys Aiden S Ted V-H Elliott H
Form 1 Girls Lucy E Winter D Aurelie A-B
Form 2 Boys Ollie S Robert F Tate B
Form 2 Girls Isabella W Evelyn V Evie C
Lower Third Boys Harry E Henry C  
Lower Third Girls Saoirse T Amelia O'C  
Upper Third Boys Sam C Oliver G  
Upper Third Girls Lottie P-B/Imogen W Grace M  



Prep School Sports Day boy throwing javelin

  Javelin Shot
Lower Third Boys Dylan D Rory N
Lower Third Girls Francesca B Tia T
Upper Third Boys William R Angus S
Upper Third Girls Tiggy P-B Harriet B



Well done to all the competitors for two fabulous days of sport!

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