Lower Shell Conquer on Viking Day!

Prep 7-13
Posted on: June 23rd 2021

Lower Shell Viking Day Group with bows and arrows

On Friday 18th June, Lower Shell enjoyed a fabulous Viking Day in the Memorial Hall. Pupils travelled back to the year 878 AD and experienced life as it was over 1000 years ago in Britain. Their wonderful costumes were a sight to behold!

Pupils took part in a wide range of activities including braiding bracelets, making clay pots, creating ink from scratch, writing words in the runic alphabet using goose-feather quills, bending and shaping metal to make necklaces, moulding gargoyles and imprinting patterns with clay. There was even time for Viking training in preparation for the battle against the Saxons. The Saxon warrior may have defeated the Vikings, but they certainly went down fighting!

Lower Shell Viking Day girl sewing Lower Shell Viking Day group doing activity 

Lower Shell Viking Day group writing Lower Shell Viking Day (2)

In the afternoon, pupils became archaeologists as they used brushes to uncover various buried treasures. Using the knowledge they had learned in their history lessons, the pupils used the artefacts to find common themes that helped them determine which Viking camp they may have belonged to. 

Lower Shell Viking Day boy and girl Lower Shell Viking Day

The day was packed full of interesting information and the pupils furthered their learning by taking part in many different activities throughout the day. Each and every pupil made the adults extremely proud because of their impeccable behaviour and superb listening at every moment during the session.

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