Tree-mendous Planting in Pre-Prep Gardening Club

Pre-Prep 4-7
Posted on: May 24th 2021

Pre-Prep boy and girl planting tree

Last week, Year 2 pupils in the Pre-Prep Gardening Club set to planting over 25 trees within a new Forest School area in the Pre-Prep grounds.

A couple of weeks beforehand, the Gardening and Estates teams had cleared away a large overgrown area of bracken and nettles. After having 120 tonnes of earth delivered and levelled out over the cleared area, it was ready for a series of trees which have been donated by the Woodlands Trust to be planted. It was up to our Gardening Club pupils to carefully plant the trees, and after having been shown how to do so by both the Pre-Prep staff and our Head Groundsman, the pupils did a fantastic job of ensuring the trees were planted properly and took great care in dealing with them delicately.

Pre-Prep boy and girl investigating tree Pre-Prep boys planting tree

Pre-Prep girls planting tree Year 2 girls looking at tree

With plenty of water, sun and care, the saplings will grow and become a copse of native British trees, providing an extra Forest School area for our Pre-Prep pupils.

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