Seaside Fun for Year One!

Pre-Prep 4-7
Posted on: May 20th 2021

Year One Seaside Day Pupils Smiling

Spirits were high for the Year One Seaside Day on Tuesday 18th May, even if it was raining outside! There was lots of superbly stripey costumes as the Pre-Prep Hall was transformed into a seaside resort. 

Pupils participated in a wide range of fun and creative seaside-themed activities including becoming photographers, food stall sellers and seafront entertainers for the day, spending their 12 pennies on the pier and watching a ‘Punch and Judy’ show. They also had a go at some classic seaside games such as trying to hook plastic ducks onto a pole and a disk drop game.

Year One Seaside Day Taking Food Orders Year One Seaside Day Coin Drop Game Year One Seaside Day Taking Photos

Year One Seaside Day Games Year One Seaside Day Food Year One Seaside Day Pupils Laughing

The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all and the pupils fully embraced all the activities whilst answering many questions using facts they had learned in class.

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