Eggcellent Easter Celebrations

Pre-Prep 4-7
Posted on: March 29th 2021

Pre-Prep Easter Bonnet Parade (2)

Last Friday, to celebrate Easter before the end of term, Pre-Prep pupils held their annual Easter Bonnet parade, participated in an Easter Egg Hunt and even received a special visit from the Easter bunny!

Wearing a colourful array of superb bonnets, featuring decorations such as eggs, stuffed toy animals relating to Easter and more, pupils in Reception to Year 2 proudly paraded around the Pre-Prep playground as they got to see each other’s bonnet designs. On what was a particularly windy day, the pupils made sure to hold onto their bonnets, so they did not blow away!

Pre-Prep pupils in Easter Hats Pre-Prep girls with Easter Bonnets Pre-Prep Easter Bonnet Parade (4)

Pre-Prep Easter Bonnet Parade (5) Pre-Prep Easter Bonnet Parade (3) Reception girls in Easter Bonnets

Following the parade, pupils eagerly took part in an Easter Egg Hunt in their classes around the Pre-Prep gardens and play areas. After searching for the egg signs with their names on, pupils were then lucky enough to meet the Easter bunny who handed out chocolate treats.

Pre-Prep Girls Searching for Easter Eggs Reception boy having fun

Reception girl smiling at Easter Bunny treat Pre-Prep Boy Meeting Easter Bunny

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