Lower Fifth Girls Kick Off House Football

Senior 13-16
Posted on: December 14th 2020

L5th Girls' House Football Benson House Girl

Lower Fifth girls kicked off their House Football Competition with a bang on the sunny afternoon of Thursday 26th November. The girls were all in high spirits as they were eager to get underway and win points for their Houses. The matches were tightly contested by all the teams but it was Young House and Alliott House who were to face each other in the final. Well done to all for displaying fantastic sportsmanship, skill and enthusiasm throughout the competition and congratulations to Alliott House who pulled off a 2-0 win in the final to take home the victory!

  House Points
1st Alliott 10
2nd Young 9
3rd Tee 4
4th Benson 3 (+5 goals)
5th Trotman 3 (+4 goals)



L5th Girls' House Football Tee and Alliott L5th Girls' House Football Benson Girl

L5th Girls' House Football Benson L5th Girls' House Football Alliott and Tee

L5th Girls House Football Alliott L5th Girls' House Football Benson Girl Kicking Ball