Ambulance Visit Lights Up Pre-Prep

Pre-Prep 4-7
Posted on: November 30th 2020

Ambulance inside listening to mr attwell2

On Friday 27th November, Year Two pupils enjoyed a special visit from two paramedics who arrived in an ambulance which the pupils were invited to tour. The pupils were introduced to St John’s Ambulance, talked about how to get help or how to phone for an ambulance, were shown items from a first aid kit, learned what each item is used for and also spoke about what paramedics do. They even had a go at turning on the blue lights and siren!  

Year 2 Ambulance Visit walking out of ambulance Year 2 Ambulance Visit Outside

Year 2 Ambulance Visit Lights and Siren Year 2 Ambulance Visit Girl Lights

Year 2 Ambulance Visit Happy

Thank you to Mr Attwell and Mr Macrae for taking the time to visit Year 2 and help them learn all about paramedics and ambulances. The ambulance was sterilised after each group of pupils and all social distancing was observed where appropriate.

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