S'mores Galore for Pre-Prep!

Pre-Prep 4-7
Posted on: October 20th 2020

Year 2 Great Fire of London Talk

Year 2 pupils received an exciting visit from Mrs Hill who spoke to them all about the Great Fire of London, a topic they have recently been learning about. Mrs Hill showed the pupils an original fire mark which was used after the Great Fire to indicate to the newly-formed fire brigade that a house was insured. The pupils engaged with Mrs Hill’s presentation very well, sat and listened quietly and impressed her with their knowledge of the topic in a question session.

Year 2 Fire Learning Pictures Year 2 Watching Fire

Year 2 Pupils Building Fire Year 2 Eating S'mores

Year 2 Fire

To consolidate everything they had learned about the topic of fire, Year 2 pupils were very excited to see a real life fire be made in one of their Forest School lessons. Whilst supervised, the pupils toasted marshmallows, made delicious s’mores to eat and went on to build their own mini fires which demonstrated their understanding of the key materials needed for a fire and the shape it needs to be built in.