Sixth Form Entry

The following entry procedure is for those considering joining the College Sixth Form from another school.

From September 2023, a two-week timetable will operate in the Sixth Form, with academic lessons being taught between Monday and Friday only.  No academic lessons will be taught on a Saturday.  The focus on Saturdays will be sport, with an increased fixture programme, as well as training for selected team squads.

If you have further questions, not already answered in the sections below please contact or telephone 01279 838604.

"Since joining the College I have grown in confidence. When I started in Lower Sixth, I was shy and reserved. Now, leaving the Upper Sixth I am outgoing and confident. I believe that moving from a state school to Bishop's Stortford College has significantly impacted this." Sixth Form Leaver

The application deadline for Sixth Form Entry was 23rd October 2022. If you are considering a late application, please contact the Admissions Office at or on 01279 838604.


Step 1 Initial enquiry and visiting

In addition to exploring this website, you will, of course, want to visit Bishop’s Stortford College as you consider whether we are the right school for you. Depending on your own preference and the time of year, you can arrange an individual appointment by contacting our Senior School Admissions Officer and/or attend one of our Open Events held in September and October.

Tel: 01279 838604

Step 2 Application

Please note, the application deadline for Sixth Form entry in 2023 has passed. Late applications can be considered on a rolling basis. Please contact the Admissions Office for further information. 

Having visited the College and decided that you would like to apply for a place, there are two application forms to be completed:

  • The College Application Form – to be completed by parents;
  • The Sixth Form Subjects Form – to be completed by students and parents.
  • All forms can be accessed through our admissions portal. 

We also request families to submit a school reference from your current school. This can also be found on the admissions portal. 

For information about International Student Admissions, further reading can be found here.

The submission deadline for all forms relating to Sixth Form Entry is 23rd October 2022.

For details about the procedure and timing for applying for a Scholarship Award, please click here to access the relevant scholarship information leaflet. Interest in Academic, Art, Music or Sport scholarships should be indicated on the Sixth Form Entry Form. Details of our Elite Sports Programme can be found here.

The deadline to apply for a Financial Assistance Award is the same as for applying for a place. However, an application for Financial Assistance should be submitted to the Bursar - please ensure you check the appropriate box on the application form and the Bursary will be in touch.

The College Application Form can be submitted in advance of the necessary financial information being collated in order to complete the financial assistance application.



Step 3 Assessment


UK applicants - Entry Testing Day for 2023 entry: Saturday 5th November 2022 start: 8:30am
Online standardised testing, interview with Head of Department in chosen A Level and interview with Senior Leadership. 

International applicants  
Online standardised testing, ESOL assessment and interview, Maths assessment (if studying Maths or a Science) and interview with Senior Leadership. 

Entry Requirements

Entry to the Sixth Form will normally be conditional on the achievement of:

  • a minimum of either 7 grade 6 GCSEs or 3 grade 7s and 3 grade 6 GCSEs;
  • at least a 6 grade in the GCSE subject (or equivalent) for each A Level;
  • If Maths or a Science is chosen, a minimum grade 7 in Maths is required. 
  • Individual subject requirements can be viewed in the Subject Guide
  • a good disciplinary and attendance record.

Special aptitudes: Art, Music and Sport are very strong at Bishop’s Stortford College. A special aptitude in any of these areas will be taken into consideration, but will not replace the academic requirements for entry. Details of our Elite Sports Programme can be found here.

Step 4 Offer of a place

Places will be offered after 2nd December 2022 and will be conditional upon gaining a minimum of either 7 grade 6 GCSES or 3 grade 7s and 3 grade 6s.* Any conditions will be made explicit at the time of offer. All offers are subject to a satisfactory school reference.

*Please see our A Level Subject Guide for specific subject entry requirements. 

Step 5 Acceptance of a place

An Acceptance Form, which accompanies the offer letter, is then completed and returned to us via our online Admissions portal, together with the Acceptance Fee by 11th January 2023.