Sustainabilityjourney 07

Bishop's Stortford College has committed to a sustainability journey to reduce its carbon footprint. Our pupils want to make a difference and as such our strategy is pupil led.

Throughout the autumn term 2022, energy consumption across our whole campus has been measured and our carbon footprint established.

Our target is to reduce our footprint by 20% by the end of 2024

A longer-term strategy is also being implemented to enable us to meet carbon neutral objectives.

Objectives will be met through a series of initiatives, including ‘Switch off, Turn down’, which encompasses our entire campus, and our whole community including pupils, staff and parents are engaged with. 

Additional energy reduction initiatives are being implemented in specific buildings across the College, where base load consumption is high. The impact of these initiatives is being closely monitored, with a view to rolling these initiatives out across other College buildings in the future.

Pupils across the college are engaged in activities led by

  • Eco Committee in the Prep School
  • Environmental Committee in the Senior School

In addition to energy reduction, they are also focused on waste management, recycling and reusing.

As a College, we are committed to delivering the change we need, to achieve the targets we have set, to create a more sustainable future for us all.