Financially Assisted Places

"It lifted me from a working class background and opened the way to university (Cambridge) and an academic career." Old Stortfordian.

We are keen that everyone who wishes to benefit from an education at the College and is able to meet our entry requirements has the opportunity, regardless of social background or financial circumstances. 

Bishop's Stortford College is not a richly endowed school. However, our charitable trust status allows us to ensure that access to the education we offer is as wide as possible.

Financial Assistance Awards, also known as Bursaries, form the backbone of the assistance on offer. They are awarded according to need and are based on means-testing. 

If your child demonstrates the academic potential to meet our entry requirements and benefit from the College’s education, but your household income is not sufficient to pay the fees, we may be able to help.

Financial Assistance ranges from partial assistance of 5% up to 100% of the full fees. The number of awards which can be made each year is limited and therefore we need you to submit your application for Financial Assistance by the same deadline as for your application for a place. Please be assured that the two applications are assessed entirely separately.

Please read our Financial Assistance Leaflet, which gives an approximate guide to the upper threshold for household income to qualify for an award, an indication of the information you will need to provide and details of how to apply.

In order to start the Financial Assistance process we will require you to start the Application process - you may choose to do this at an Open Morning, through a private visit or, if you are already sure the College is the right place for your child, by submitting an Application Form to either the Prep School or the Senior School Admissions Officer. Once your application is in hand and you have indicated on the form that you are interested in Financial Assistance we can start this process, which will run in parallel but deliberately separate from the academic assessment.

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"The school changed my life in that I came from a single-mum family living on benefits and, through bursaries and scholarships, was able to receive a fantastic education at Bishop's Stortford College. I will always be grateful." Old Stortfordian.

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