One of the founding principles of the College was general affordability, and this is still very much at the heart of what we offer today, 150 years later.

As one of the top 20 co-educational day and boarding schools in the UK, we continue to support the families of talented children with scholarship awards and families unable to afford our fees, with means-tested bursaries. However, since the College does not benefit from endowment, if all our capital projects and bursaries were funded from fee income alone we would need to raise our fees substantially and potentially reduce our financial support. In turn, this would detract from our ability to be an inclusive school where talented pupils from all backgrounds can coexist and thrive. Non-fee income generation is therefore essential.

Though a continuous programme of updating and improving our facilities, with the provision of academic excellence with breadth and balance and a policy to ensure our Community is as rich and diverse as possible, we look towards the future.

To help accomplish our plans, we are seeking support for a number of projects, outlined below.

The Redevelopment of School House

Although we have many excellent facilities, the redevelopment of School House will provide a much needed, 12 additional classrooms, along with the opportunity to concentrate the Senior School staff into one central hub. The Governors are absolutely certain that the re-purposing of School House will prove transformational to our teaching and the administration of teaching in the Senior School. 

School House is a large, handsome 19th century red brick building of architectural interest which sits alongside our  Clough Williams-Ellis, Grade II listed Memorial Hall and within a conservation area. The building is currently empty and stripped back ready for re-purposing which will cost in the region of £8m. The scale of the project will impact on all aspects of College life, and future projects. Accepting that we are operationally efficient, and that we are not out to make profit or banked large reserves, any help with School House, inevitably helps across all areas of the College.

We have been part of the success and growth of Bishop’s Stortford for the last 150 years and over that time we have not done a great deal of fundraising, however,  we feel this project is important to the whole community.  It has the potential to generate a great deal of community pride around the College and with it, confidence for continued success.

The fundraising campaign will run from September this year to September 2020 with all options for giving will shortly be available on the College Website. If you would like to meet with a member of the fundraising team for a more detailed conversation please do get in touch.

We are a registered charity (311057) so we can reclaim tax on all donations that UK taxpayers make under the Gift Aid scheme, increasing the value of the gift to the College and decreasing the cost to the donor.


The Bursary Trust

In order to realise our vision to provide additional bursary places for talented pupils whose families might not otherwise be able to afford an education at the College, we hope to build a Bursary Endowment Fund of sufficient size to support the need for financial assistance in the long term.

Gifts to the Bursary Trust will be carefully invested and the annual income used to provide the necessary bursarial support. By giving to the endowment fund, donors can ensure that the benefit of their gift is enjoyed by pupils in perpetuity.

Interested individuals, corporations, families, foundations and other groups are invited to contact the Development Director for further information.

Donating from Overseas

We are always pleased to receive donations but donating from some regions does have complexities. To donate from overseas, please see below;

USA based donors

To enable USA based OS to make tax efficient USD gifts, the College works with the British Schools and Universities Foundation Inc (BSUF). The BSUF works with over 220 UK schools and universities to simplify the process, and is fully compliant with US tax requirements.  

Please use the Donor Transmittal Form at the bottom of this page to send your gift via the BSUF.  We will receive prompt acknowledgement of your donation and your gift will be passed from the BSUF to the College in GBP.

EU based donors

To enable EU based OS to make tax efficient gifts, the College works with Transnational Giving Europe (TGE). To make your gift via TGE, please contact us for guidance.

Other Ways to Donate

All members of the College Community are invited to participate in our fundraising programme.  We are a thriving and vibrant school and together we can make it an even better place to educate current and future generations of children.

With your help we can realise our plans so much sooner.   

  • To make an online Direct Debit gift please click here
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A gift in your will

If you are interested in including the College in your will, you can find out more by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page. 

Further information

If you are interested in finding out more about the College’s future plans and other ways you can make a donation, including a gift in your will, please contact the Development Office.