Scuba Diving PADI Open Water Diver Course

During activities pupils can learn to scuba dive, taking the PADI Open Water Diver course. This is recognised as a diving qualification worldwide so as a qualified diver you will have the freedom to dive anywhere.

Using instructors from ‘Suk-on Air’ we teach the confined water element Open water Diver course over about eight weeks in the College swimming pool. Pupils have to study for the five academic modules of the course, each with its own exam and written knowledge review. They have to pass a final exam with a pass mark of 75% and demonstrate competence in all of the skills.

The students must then complete four dives in open water, demonstrating the skills they learnt in the pool, before becoming a qualified diver. This can be done at any PADI dive centre as a referral candidate while on their own holiday or any of the College organised trips.

UK based trips take the students to Gildenborough lake, an old quarry near Peterborough. Pupils do five dives over two days to complete their course.  This venue is also used for the Advanced Open Water Diver training and Rescue Diving courses.

Since 2004 the College has run an annual trip to Egypt, where students experience six days of diving in the Red Sea. Pupils can finish their Open Water Course here and experience diving at its best in one of the world's top diving areas. Qualified divers also come on this trip and they also have the choice of taking further qualifications or just diving for pleasure.

The further qualifications we offer the students are the Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver courses, as well as a wide range of the PADI speciality courses. The most popular of these is the photography course where students learn how improve their underwater photography skills using one of the College's cameras.