OS Benevolent Fund

The Old Stortfordian Benevolent Fund was established by Deed in 1948.  The funds may be used as the Trustees think fit for any of the following purposes:

(i) The assistance or benefit of any of the following persons whom the Trustees shall, in their absolute discretion, consider to be in need and deserving of assistance out of the Fund by reason of poverty or illness (whether mental or physical), physical injury or other misfortune, that is to say:

(a) any Old Stortfordian

(b) the wife or widow or any child or children of any Old Stortfordian and

(c) any person or persons whom the Trustees believe to be wholly or mainly dependent on any Old Stortfordian or to have been so dependent on any Old Stortfordian at the time of his/her death.

(ii) the education or maintenance at the College of any boy/girl whom the Trustees may, in their absolute discretion, consider suitable to be educated at the College and by reason of the insufficiency or any other means available for his/her education or maintenance or otherwise for the benefit of any such boy/girl during such period (including holidays) as he/she may be entered (whether as a border or a day boy/girl) at the College.

If you think you or you know of someone who might qualify or benefit from the Fund, please contact the Trustees c/o Richard Price or call on 01279 657675.