OS Committee and Officers

President Alastair D. Lukies CBE (GH,AH, 80-90)
Past President Kate L. Humber (née Coysten, YH, 91-93)
Hon. Treasurer Charles W. Olley (SuH, 67-76)
Consultant Editor John W. Rycroft (RPH, 64-69)
OS Photography Ian D. Taylor (Master, 67-04)
Benevolent Fund Rep. Paul Fishpool (AH, 53-61)
Elected Members Michael G. Baim (SHb, 58-62)
  David M. Dearman (HH, 80-87)
  Chris M.A. Forster (MJH,SuH, 82-90)
  Sara Joiner-Jarrett (YH, 85-87)
  William J. Wells (SHb, 64-72)
  T. David Whirledge (SH, 74-82)
Co-opted Members Ed A.L.F. Inglis (GH,AH, 51-59)
  Nick D. Reynolds (HH, 08-12)
Headmaster Jeremy M. Gladwin (Headmaster, 11-)
Community Coordinator Jennifer A. Law (Staff, 11-) Tel: 01279 838348
Governors’ Representative Irene M. Pearman (YH, 78-80)
Vice Presidents Frank M. Bennett
  Steve G.G. Benson
  Bryan (J.B.) Chaumeton
  David W. Clare
  Peter G. Collett
  Stuart G. Findlay
  Garry (T.G.) Hudson
  David A. Lancaster
  Richard L.H Price
  Steve C.J. Ross
  John G. Trotman
Area Representatives Laurence A. Brittain (Bishop’s Stortford & East Anglia)
  Henry E.V. Marchant (London & South East)
Sports Representatives Mark S. Jarrett (Swimming)
  Stuart G. Findlay (Rugby)
  Stuart G. Findlay (Golf)
OS Lodge Secretary Andy Harker
OS/Staff Liaison Officer Simon P. Lipscombe (HH, 90-94, Master, 11-)
01279 838575
Leavers’ Secretaries Hinesh M. Rajani (2001)
  Lucy J. Stapleton (2006)
  Harry J. Thomas (2006)
  Tonica K. Hunter (2007)


The OS Committee meets five times a year. If you are interested in hearing more about joining the Committee please contact Jennifer Law.