Recitals in St Michael's Church

Throughout the Spring Term, pupils perform in half hour weekly recitals at St Michael's Church in Bishop's Stortford, the performances ranging from solos to chamber groups. Please click here for the full programme of events. 

You can view performances that have already taken place so far this year via the tabs below or via the College Music Department's Youtube page

We look forward to the Chamber Music recital on Thursday 23rd March at 1:30pm. Please click here to view the programme.

Chamber Music - 23rd March 2017

Senior School musicians will perform a range of chamber music at lunchtime on Thursday 23rd March, including Bach, Brahms and Frank Sinatra, on piano, violin, flute, cello and clarinet. 

Group Guitar Recital - 16th March 2017

The group guitar recital on Thursday 16th March 2017 features:

Charlie Bennett, Johnnie Crump, JP Dunphy, Barnaby Dulley, Freddy Harris, Charlie Hughes, Shreeya Khetani, Jude Leng, Daniel Luksan, Anish Mariathasan, Ishani Mariathasan, Charlie Marks, Addie Nicholls, Arun Seewoosurrun, Dara Selway and William Selway.

The full programme can be found here.

Rosie Smithers - 9th March 2017

Rosie Smithers is 17 years old and has been a student at Bishop’s Stortford College since the age of 4 and a Music Scholar from the age of 10.  She has achieved diploma on her cello (DipABRSM) and grade 8 on her trombone, piano and singing. Rosie plays in the school orchestra, string orchestra and band and sings in the choir and chamber choir. Rosie has been part of various choir tours over the years to Lake Como, Venice and France. She is principal cellist in the Essex Youth Orchestra and has also played in the National Children’s Orchestra.  Rosie won the Instrumental Competition held at BSC on her trombone in 2016. Last term she was the Musical Director and pianist for our production of the ‘Threepenny Opera’ by Bertolt Brecht.  Rosie is hoping to read Maths and Music at University next year.

You can view Rosie's programme here.

Prep School - 2nd March 2017

Our recital series is dominated by our senior musicians at the College but on 2nd March we had the opportunity to hear some of the upcoming talent from our Prep School.  We have a scholarship scheme which encourages and rewards pupils at this young age and I am delighted and, indeed, excited to see some very talented young pupils progressing so well with their music.  Whilst talent – an aptitude for music – is a significant part of the progress they make, hard work and a good regime of practice is crucial to their success.  It is very much to their credit that they are doing so well.

Mr Bruce, Head of Music

Emma Haythornthwaite and Daniel Evans - 23rd February

More videos from the concert can be found on the Music Department's Youtube page and the programme from the recital can be found here.

Emma Haythornthwaite is a music scholar at Bishop’s Stortford College.  She plays violin, horn and piano and plays in Senior Strings, Orchestra and Band.  She also takes part is various ensembles.  She is working towards her grade 8 violin exam, grade 7 horn exam and is taking her grade 8 piano in a couple of weeks.  Emma plays in the Hertfordshire Schools Symphony Orchestra during the school holidays. She has taken part in the Rotary Club Young Musician competition.  She sings in the chamber choir and recently performed on the recent tour to Lake Como.

Daniel Evans is currently in Lower 5th (Year 10) at the Bishop's Stortford College and is a music scholar. He has played music since the age of 7. He first started the piano at 7 years old and is now working on grade 8. He began learning the drums at age 9 and is also working towards his grade 8. He began learning the French horn a few years ago and will be taking his grade 6 exam in a few weeks’ time. At school he is a member of the choir, wind band and orchestra.  He also plays for the Hertfordshire youth brass band and also the Hertfordshire schools symphony orchestra on the horn and so far these ensembles have been a wonderful experience for him. In the future he hopes to pass Grade 8 on all three instruments and maybe begin to learn tuned percussion.

Rosie Smithers & Lauren Tuch - 9th February 2017

You can view Rosie and Lauren's programme here.

Rosie Smithers is 17 years old and has been a student at Bishop’s Stortford College since the age of 4 and Music Scholar from the age of 10.  She has gained grade 8 on her trombone, cello, singing and piano and has also completed a diploma on her cello.  Rosie plays in the school orchestra, string orchestra and band as well as other ensembles including the choir and chamber choir where she has been part of various choir tours over her years at BSC to Lake Como, Venice and France. She is principle cello in the Essex Youth Orchestra.  She has also played in the National Children’s Orchestra with her cello.  She has performed in the Saffron Walden Symphony Orchestra and also for local choral societies. Rosie won the Instrumental Competition held at BSC on her trombone. Last term she was the Musical Director and pianist for our recent production of the ‘Threepenny Opera’ by Bertolt Brecht.  In December Rosie was presented with the Arthur Evans Award. Rosie is hoping to read maths and music at University next year.

Lauren Tuch has been a student and music scholar at Bishop’s Stortford College since joining the school in 4th form and has taken full advantage of the great number of musical opportunities offered her throughout, including two choir tours to Lake Como. Having enjoyed playing violin in the school orchestra, string orchestra and various trios and quartets, Lauren has also achieved Grade 8 in both violin and singing and continues to develop her voice in the school choir and chamber choir. In 4th form she played Maria in West Side Story and she has performed solos in several school concerts and competitions. At her previous school, she had the privilege of being a member of the winning Songs of Praise Junior Choir of the Year Competition in 2012 and was in the Junior National Youth Choir of Great Britain for a number of years, both of which afforded the highlight of singing in the Royal Albert hall. She hopes to read History & Sociology at university but will continue to enjoy playing music as a hobby.


Alisa Munro & Mary Fisher - 2nd February 2017

Ailsa Munro is a Lower 6th Music Scholar, who has achieved Grade 8 Distinction on the piano and bassoon and is now working towards a diploma in both instruments.  Alisa has played with the Essex Youth Training Orchestra and is now principal bassoon in the Essex Youth Orchestra, she plays regularly in the Senior School Band, Orchestra and Chamber Music groups and sings in the Senior Choir.  She was awarded her Music Colours last summer.  Alisa has also competed in the Rotary Club Competition as well as Bishop’s Stortford College’s Instrumental Competition, where she won the woodwind section last year.

Mary Fisher joined the College in the Sixth Form and is working towards her Grade 8 on the clarinet and cello and has reached Grade 6 on the piano.  She is a Music Scholar, playing in the orchestra, band and string orchestra as well as various chamber music ensembles, and is also a keen singer who sings in the Senior School choir.  Mary is looking forward to entering the Rotary Club Music Competition in April and the Bishop’s Stortford College Instrumental CAlisaompetition in July 2017.

You can view the full programme of their recital on 2nd February 2017 here.

Georgie Elliott & Laura Green - 26th January

Georgie Elliott in Upper Sixth first joined the College in Reception in 2003 and was awarded a music scholarship in 2010 and her music colours in 2016. In addition to her singing, she is an excellent ‘cellist and a key member of the Orchestra and the String Orchestra. She sings soprano with the College Choirs with whom she has sung a number of solos. Her choral involvement does not stop at school, as from 2011 to 2016 Georgie was a lead soprano in Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire’s highly acclaimed youth choir, Cantate, which won two gold medals in the World Choir Games in Riga in the summer of 2014. She has taken part in a wide number of solo performances at Bishop's Stortford College, most notably with her role as Mrs Grose in Benjamin Britten’s Turn of the Screw and her solos in Vivaldi’s Gloria last spring. Looking to the future after the College, Georgie hopes to study History with Politics at either Nottingham or Durham University, where she is keen to continue the love of music she gained through her time here.

Laura Green is an Upper Sixth pupil who has been at Bishop's Stortford College for seven years now. She was awarded her music colours in 2016. Since her arrival at the College she has been greatly involved in the music scene, playing the clarinet in the school's Orchestra and Concert Band whilst being a member of the Choir and Chamber Choir. With her singing, she has taken part in the last five Saint Cecilia's Day Singing Concerts as well as competing in the Rotary Club Singing Competition. 

Laura hopes to attend the University of Exeter next year to study a Politics and Sociology degree and continue her musical endeavours there. Her favourite piece from this afternoon's programme is Handel’s energetic and intricate ‘Let the bright Seraphim’.

You can view Georgie and Laura's programme here.

Scott Hextall - 19th January

Scott Hextall is 16 years old and a Music Scholar at Bishop’s Stortford College.  He began learning the piano at the age of 7 and clarinet at the age of 8.  He has achieved grade 8 with distinction on both instruments and is taking his Diploma on the piano this summer.  He has also obtained grade 7 on the organ and is a regular organist at St Augustine’s Church in Hoddesdon.  Scott has played clarinet in the National Children’s orchestra for two years.  He has also played both piano and clarinet in Senior School musical productions and plays regularly in the Senior School Band and Orchestra and various ensembles.  He won the senior category for piano in the Rotary Young Musician’s competition in 2015 and for the clarinet in 2016.

Christopher Wilkin - 12th January

The first recital in the series was given by Christopher Wilkin on Thursday 12th January.  You can view a Youtube clip of Christopher's performance by clicking on the video below:

Christopher has been playing piano and cello since the age of 7.  He has achieved grade 8 distinction on the piano, cello and trombone, is soon to take his grade 8 organ exam and is also currently working towards his cello Diploma. He was a member of the National Children's Orchestra for 5 years and in 2011 was awarded the coveted Leverhulme Scholarship. He has played with Essex Youth Jazz, Hertfordshire County Brass and in the Radio 3 Pianothon and has won prizes in many music festivals. 

Please click here to view the full programme performed by Christopher.