Settling Into the Senior School

Starting in the first year of the Senior School is a new experience for all pupils, whether they are moving up from the College’s Prep School or, like several children each year, joining from another school in the UK or overseas.  Great emphasis is placed on helping all newcomers to settle in and quickly feel at home; a process very much centred on, and led by, the staff and pupils within the smaller House communities.

“I was nervous as I arrived at the College on my first day, but as I entered the House common room, I was warmly welcomed and immediately felt at ease.” - Pupil joining from a north London school.

“The Senior School is totally different from the Prep School, but they support you all the way through the transition, which made it easy. Having a House system means you feel welcomed by pupils of all ages straight away; it’s somewhere you belong.” - Pupil joining from the College Prep School.

“… he felt truly at home, talking in terms of “we” and “with us” after only two weeks.” - Parent of an international boarder.

"... the biggest difference is that I feel all my teachers really want me to succeed.  They seem to care so much and it all seems to be individual, that is, it's about me, as well as about each of my peers.  I have found this especially motivating." - Pupil joining from another local school.