Prep School Uniform

Uniform Shop

During opening times: 01279 838619
Outside opening times: 01279 731052
Fax number: 01279 731063

Opening Times During Term

Monday; 3.00pm - 6.00pm
Wednesday; 12.00pm - 2.00pm
Friday; 8.00am - 9.00am
Saturday; 10.30am - 12.45pm
Please note we are not open on Leave Weekends. 

If any of the opening times are not suitable or you wish to avoid any unnecessary waiting, please contact Paul Bashford to arrange a personal appointment outside these times.

Please note that it can take approximately 45 minutes per pupil to organise the complete uniform and sportswear.

Please be sure to order your Name Tapes early to avoid any delay. You can order these at the shop, by telephone or fax. Please click here to access the order form for the Name Tapes.

Second Hand Uniform Shop

The College Second Hand Uniform Shop is run by Tessa Firmin and Caroline Cullen and is open every Monday during term time from 2.30pm until 5.30pm.

We stock not only an excellent range of College uniform and sports equipment for Pre-Prep, Prep School and Senior School pupils, but a good selection of ski wear including gloves, snow boots, helmets and goggles, wetsuits and walking boots, all at very reasonable prices!

To find the shop take the very first left turn as you enter the College campus via School House drive from the Hadham Road (A1250), and it is the small brick building in the corner. Please click here for the Campus Map.

Should you require any further information please contact either Tessa or Caroline.

Tessa Firmin    07803 011472
Caroline Cullen    07867 984016

Items to be sold: must be clean and in good condition and may be left at the shop during opening hours. The right is reserved to refuse any article that is not considered to be fit for re-sale. There is a 50% handling charge. Articles that have not sold after a reasonable period of time should be collected or remaining unclaimed items will be given to charity.

Uniform List

The following articles must be bought at the School Uniform and Sports Shop:


Girls and Boys







  • Light grey College blazer
  • Plain white shirt (long sleeves)
  • Navy College sweater
  • House tie (F1–U3)
  • Plain navy tie (LS/US)
  • Navy College cagoule or plain navy cagoule (no logos)
  • College baseball cap
  • College woollen hat
  • College scarf (optional)
  • LS/US only – maroon College reading book bag


  • Tartan kilt (5cm above or below the knee)
  • Navy cotton-rich tights(not opaque/nylon) or knee-length navy school socks
  • Summer Term
    L3/U3 – White blouse (short sleeves), College cardigan (can also be worn in autumn/spring terms with long sleeved shirt and tie), plain white ankle socks (not trainer socks)LS-F2 – Dress with plain white ankle socks (not trainer socks)
  • Regulation charcoal grey long trousers (not slim tapered trousers) or shorts as supplied by the school shop
  • Dark grey or black socks (grey knee-length socks with navy turnover top with shorts)
  • Summer Term – plain short sleeve white shirt




The following articles can be bought from a shop of your choice:

  • Flat black shoes - not black trainers, (completely simple, polishable, orthodox style, not patent, no coloured flashes or metallic rings/strips). 
    Girls - Flimsy ballet-style shoes are not acceptable
  • Plain navy or black school bag
  • LS/US only – painting   overall, i.e. an old shirt with sleeves.



Hair must not be dyed, bleached or artificially coloured in any way, without any ‘steps’ or significant difference in the length of parts of the hair. Hair gel, wax or spray should not be used.

Boys should have their hair kept short, cut away from ears and off their collars.
Girls’ hair, if long, should be tied back off the face with a black, brown or navy hairband.


Girls may wear plain gold or silver stud earrings, one per earlobe.

No additional jewellery may be worn by girls and none may be worn by boys.


(These are available from the School Shop.  Iron-on name tapes are not acceptable.)

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