Nail-Biting Finish to Senior House Rugby

Sixth Form 16-18 +1 More Senior 13-16
Posted on: November 20th 2019

RPH v Sutton in 1st team House Rugby 2019

Senior House Rugby took place on Tuesday 19th November and was a fantastic afternoon with some very exciting, nail-biting matches.  The event demonstrated the boys' passion  for rugby and was testament to the strong spirit and sense of community at the College.

Rowe & Sutton Boys in House Rugby tournament 2019 Hayward v Collett in Senior House Rugby 2019

RPH play Collett in Senior House Rugby 2019 Collett v Sutton in Senior House Rugby 2019

Congratulations to all the teams for the effort, commitment and excellent performances they put into the tournament. Particular congratulations go to Robert Pearce and Sutton Houses, who came face to face in a closely contested, hard-fought final in which RPH  triumphed in the end. Players and spectators alike were on tenterhooks right up to the very last blow of the whistle, with the final score 14-7.

After the initial rounds, the points tally was as follows:

  1. RPH - 19 tries and 16 points
  2. Sutton House - 11 tries and 12 points
  3. Rowe House - 14 tries and 8 points
  4. Hayward House - 6 tries and 4 points
  5. Collett - 2 tries

The players of the tournament were Ed and Jack H from Rowe House.

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