A Physicist's Passion for Bikes

Senior 13-16
Posted on: October 24th 2019

Bike Magazine

Senior School Head of Physics, Adrian Baker, has had a passion for motorbikes since his early teens and this month is particularly proud to have his very own BSA grace the front cover of Classic Bike, a magazine which celebrates the very best motorcycles ever created.

Mr Baker said, "I got obsessed with Space in 1969 when aged 7 (hence the large 'Buzz Aldrin on the moon' tattoo I have) and got my first motorcycle aged 14 in 1976. Have never been without one since. I have 7 at the moment".

Mr Baker went on to say, "I regularly relate Physics to bikes in my lessons - just ask the A Level Physicists. It might be oscillating suspension systems (SHM), jumping bridges (circular motion), high revving race bikes (Flywheel effect), 'wheelie-ing' stunt riders (stability and centre of balance), mechanics and motion questions etc. I use bike videos in lessons too.  Learning to understand motorcycles when I was younger taught me many aspects of Physics... and vice versa!

Bike Magazine November 2019

"As someone who has raced bikes for 10 years, the pupils appreciate that I know what I'm talking about, not just with the physics, but with road safety, racing vehicles, car maintenance etc. That helps too - particularly with new 6th Form drivers.

I very much enjoy the fact that the theory I teach in the classroom underpins my passions for both Space and motorcycles and that I can use these to help explain principles of physics to my classes."

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