Moore Success for Senior School Artist

Senior 13-16
Posted on: September 30th 2019

Freya v winning piece

In May, the Henry Moore Foundation launched a competition in celebration of drawing, to run alongside an exhibition of Moore’s drawings at Perry Green. The Foundation invited entries to reflect some of the main themes in Moore’s art, including:

  • Reclining Figure
  • Mother and Child
  • Natural forms
  • Life Drawing

Entries had to be submitted on A4 paper or card and may feature any drawing media or technique, including: pencil, ink, biro, felt pen, charcoal, chalk, wax crayon, pastel etc. Coloured washes were permitted but the majority of the artwork submitted should be drawn not painted. With this information to hand, a number of pupils showed interest and submitted stunning outcomes to fulfil the criteria and embraced the themes of natural form and life drawing.

Well done to the pupils listed below for their entries in the Secondary category range (those aged 11 to 18). The Foundation and the judging panel, led by Head of Collections and Exhibitions, Sebastiano Barassi, deemed their works outstanding and selected Freya Vinther as the First place winning piece. This is a brilliant achievement, as the competition received 500 entries in total, with 200 being in the secondary category.  

Charlotte Munck with Freya at Henry Moore Foundation

  • Katya E S 
  • Felicity L  
  • Isabelle M 
  • Rose S 
  • Fleur H 
  • Imogen M 
  • Freya V 

Henry Moore Art Foundation Competition 7 Henry Moore Art Foundation Competition 2

Henry Moore Art Foundation Competition 1 Henry Moore Art Foundation Competition 3

Henry Moore Art Foundation Competition 5

Henry Moore Art Foundation Competition 4 Henry Moore Art Foundation Competition 6

The winning entry and two runners up in each category were exhibited in the Visitor Centre at Henry Moore Studios and Gardens on Saturday 28th September and it was lovely to see Freya’s work framed and displayed.

Write up from Freya Vinther

I have been given the great opportunity to have my art work displayed at the Henry Moore Foundation from September to the end of October after winning first place in the ‘Secondary’ age group category drawing competition. I drew an abstract study loosely inspired by a rose and used wax resist and watercolour for my piece. I went to the opening of the exhibition on Saturday 28th September with my family and Miss Munck. It was great getting to have a look at the amazing work by other artists. There was a massive variety of work with some people doing sketches of Henry Moore’s statues and others doing original pieces. It was really nice to get to talk to the other artists and hosts of the exhibition. I also loved the free cake and biscuits! After the exhibition I walked around the Henry Moore foundation, my favourite works of his being the large bronze sculptures.



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