Bingo! Full House for Senior School Boarders

Sixth Form 16-18 +1 More Senior 13-16
Posted on: September 25th 2019

Senior School boarding social hosted by RPH Icecream sundaes & bingo in RPH Sep 19

On Saturday 21st September, RPH hosted the second Boarding House Entertains event for Senior School boarders, this time involving ice cream sundae-making and bingo. This winning combination brought out boarders' creative streaks as they piled high layers of ice cream, sweets and  fresh cream, hundreds of thousands and other delights to make a real treat, followed by a round of bingo.

 Boarders social event in RPH September 2019

Bingo ready for boarders social in RPH Bingo for Senior School boarders in RPH

Everyone had their own card and after an explanation about the numbers and the rhymes attached to them the games began. Prizes were given out for all four corners, a line and, of course, a full house.

It was a hugely enjoyable event.  Everyone is now looking forward to the next Boarding House Entertains evening, which will be hosted by Rowe House.



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