Snapshot of Working Life for 55 Upper Fifths

Senior 13-16
Posted on: August 23rd 2019

 Freddie on work experience 2019

"The students were a credit to the College and showed a genuine interest" Work Experience Employer

During the first week of their summer holidays, 55 Upper Fifth students undertook work experience organised through the College scheme, providing them with the opportunity to experience a snapshot of working life.  Feedback from the students, their parents and the employers has been very positive.  Here are some of their comments:

Employers' feedback:

"She was so great that we have hired her for some summer intern work.  She sets a great example for what most young people should be doing – brilliant!"

"You were both a delight, and we were more than happy to have you with us".

"The feedback from everyone said how engaging he was, asking lots of questions and keen to help in any way he could.  He was mature and had an excellent work attitude". 

U5th Work Experience July 2019 Joshua C on u5th work experience 2019

Parents' feedback:

"The staff were extremely welcoming, supportive and friendly. They made the experience fun as well as useful".

And students' feedback:

"The most important thing that I learned was that you must follow what you want to do, as working days are long and your job will take up the vast majority of your time."

Clara and ed on work experience 2019"The age range in the office is greater and it is interesting to see different generations talk about the same issues and using different techniques to solve them."

"In my opinion the most important thing was simply learning how an office environment works because it has made me feel more comfortable about going into future work."

Well done to all the students who obviously worked very hard and a big thank you to all our employers, many of whom are College parents and former students, for providing such incredible opportunities. 

Looking forward to next year, the HE & Careers Department is keen to be able to continue to offer a programme of both varied and high quality placements.  If anyone is able to provide a student with work experience in 2020 ( 6th to 10th July - the first week of the College summer holidays), please send an email to Suzanne Santurri, the Work Experience Coordinator.   

Our students are the work force and managers of the future and as part of their training for the world of work, companies are in an invaluable position to both inform and inspire the next generation.



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