Shell's Rapturous Encounter with Birds of Prey

Prep 7-13
Posted on: July 23rd 2019

Lower shell boy meeting owl at raptor foundation 2019

On Friday 21st June, Lower Shell pupils spent a fascinating day at the Raptor Foundation, a bird of prey conservation and education centre in Huntingdon, learning about birds of prey from all over the world as well as different species of reptile. 

Lower shell watch bird show at raptor foundation 2019 Owl swooping on lower shell raptor foundation visit 2019

Lizards on Lower Shell visit to Raptor Foundation 2019

Lower shell pupils at raptor foundation 2019 Lower shell at raptor foundation june 2019

During the day, pupils observed and sketched a range of birds of prey, including bald eagles and buzzards and enjoyed an up-close-and-personal bird show, where owls and a Bateleur Eagle, among others, swooped within inches of their faces! They dissected owl pellets, finding bones that had been consumed, but not digested, by the owls, and then identified which animals the bones might have belonged to. There was also time for a visit to the reptile area to see many different species and learn about different animals from all over the world.

It was an engaging and enjoyable day for all of Lower Shell.

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