Prep School Pupils Rise to Creative Challenge

Prep 7-13
Posted on: October 7th 2019

Story cubes summer challenge 3 Man on the moon footstep 5

The wonderful displays in the Prep School Library are proof of just how busy and creative many pupils in Shell, Form 1 and Form 2 were over the summer as they completed the different tasks of their (optional!) Summer Reading Challenge. On display are fantastic story cubes, amazing drawings of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, a green-fingered photo collage of all the lovely plants the students have grown over the summer, Moon Landing footprints and a whole Terracotta Army. 

Terracotta army summer challenge

The challenges were based on the six subject areas and the timeline  explored within Curiosity Club, which was briefly introduced to the pupils by John Gordon-Reid towards the end of the Summer Term. These challenges provided opportunities for the pupils to make models, create drawings, write stories and take photos, as well as, of course, enjoy reading a range of fiction and information books.

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