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Sixth Form 16-18
Posted on: July 4th 2019

Dynamic Introduction to Life in the Sixth Form

Upper 5th pupils enjoyed three days of Sixth Form induction events on 1st, 2nd and 3rd July, starting with a relaxed BBQ, organised by the Sixth Form social committee, on the Monday evening.  Playing games of frisbee, tug of war, rounders and much more, the BBQ gave pupils the opportunity to spend time with their peers and also to get to know some of the new pupils joining the College Sixth Form in September.

Lower Sixth BBQ Induction 2019 Induction BBQ for new Sixth Formers 2019

Tug of War at Sixth Form Induction BBQ 2019 Sixth Form Induction BBQ tug of war 2019

Tuesday morning began with taster lessons in all subjects so that pupils were able to familiarise themselves with the requirements of their A Level courses, followed by a picnic lunch and a group photo of the whole of the new Lower Sixth. On Wednesday, the pupils were involved in a variety of activities arranged by departments, such as making and firing rockets in Physics (as well as some visually amazing Physics experiments with liquid nitrogen), film making in Media, go karting in PE, philosophical punting in EPT, German trip to Bonn, theatre trip for English pupils, a field trip to Hatfield Forest for the Biologists and a globalisation game for the Economics, Politics and Business students - to name just a few events!

Rocket firing on top field on Physics 6th form induction 2019 

Mr Baker with frozen rose in 6th Form Physics Induction 2019 Experimenting with liquid nitrogen in 6th Form Induction 2019

Maths croquet for Upper 5th Sixth Form Induction 2019 Sixth Form Induction to French 2019

L6 German Induction trip to Bonn 2019 U5th pupils in Bonn on L6 German Induction 2019

Field Day Trip to Hatfield Forest for L6 Biology students 2019 U5th at production of Peer Gynt at Natl Theatre

After a highly successful induction, we look forward to welcoming all students to the Sixth Form in September!