Jam Tarts & Skype Chat with Author

Prep 7-13
Posted on: June 27th 2019

Final Shell Book Club party

For their final book club of the year on Monday 24th June, Shell book clubbers chatted on Skype to Andy Shepherd, the author of their latest book, ‘The Boy Who Grew Dragons'. The pupils had lots of questions for Andy, such as where she got her ideas from and what inspired her to be a writer. They also predicted what might happen in the next book and Andy revealed that some of the pupils' guesses were very close to the truth! The session was great fun and made the pupils, as well as Mr Hamlyn, very keen to read the sequel, “The Boy Who Lived With Dragons.” Andy even revealed that she was currently writing two further books!

Shell pupils with author on skype The boy who grew drages book cover

Well done to Mrs Pike once again for managing to use her considerable contact list to give the children such rare and wonderful opportunities to meet their idols.