All-Round Fun at England Rounders Festival

Senior 13-16 +1 More Sixth Form 16-18
Posted on: June 13th 2019

Rounders Festival with England Rounders June 2019

On Saturday 8th June, the College hosted a rounders tournament that included England Rounders, Kimbolton School and our U18, U15 and U14 teams.  Although the College teams faced tough opposition, it was a valuable and enjoyable experience for all.

U18 Team

V England U21 lost 1-18

V Kimbolton U18A  lost 2-6

V BSC U15 won 11.5 -5

V BSC U14 won 17-2.5

V England U16 lost 6.5-3.5

Yet again another good tournament against England and Kimbolton.

Senior School girl batting at England Rounders festival Senior School Rounders Festival June 2019

Senior School Rounders Festival at the College June 2019 Rounders in Action at Senior School Rounders Festival

U15 Team

v Kimbolton U18  lost 12 - 7  MVP Jenny H

v England U16 lost 12 - 7.5  MVP Katie P

v BSC U18 lost 11.5 - 5  MVP Lottie S

v England U14 lost 15 - 7.5  MVP Jenny H

It was a great experience for the girls to play and be umpired at the highest level.

U14 Team

U14A vs Kimbolton U14A’s won 18-3.5

U14A vs Kimbolton U15’s lost 9.5-10.5

U14A vs England Rounders U14’s lost

U14A vs U18A lost 2.5-17

U14A vs England Rounders U21’s lost 

The England coaches and umpires were very impressed with the team’s performance.