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Posted on: June 10th 2019

Form 1 & 2 on Cloud Nine for Author Visit

Marcia williams chatting to form 1 2 book club

On Friday 7th June, Form 1 and 2 Book Club had the pleasure of meeting Marcia Williams, the author of their current Book Club choice, Cloud Boy.  

Marcia  first spent time with forms 1LN, 2DB and 1JM, where she explained to the pupils how she was inspired to write Cloud Boy after seeing the Changi Quilt on a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum. The Changi quilt was made by a group of Girl Guides in a POW camp in Singapore and so this became Grandma Gertie’s story, which runs alongside the story of Harry Christmas and Angie Moon, who are “almost twins and bestest friends.” It was such a pleasure to hear Marcia read extracts from the book, and to see how engaged and captivated the pupils were.  

Form 1 2 book club with marcia williams Author Marcia Williams in Prep School Library 

Marcia williams with form 1 2 book club Marcia williams reading cloud boy for pupils

A packed Book Club met for the last of the Form 1/2 Book Club meetings for this year, and the comments from Zara A, Bonny-Blu K, Tiggy P-B and Lotty P-B summed up the feelings of them all “We loved the book but wished that the friendship between Harry and Angie could have lasted longer. Fabulous, an unforgettable book, but such a sad ending” 

We were so grateful to Marcia for making this last Book Club such a special occasion. She too remarked on how amazing the pupils were, with their “well observed comments, even noticing things that I hadn’t realised were there. It was so heart-warming to hear their views, and particularly reassuring to hear that they had enjoyed reading some of the parts of the story that the publisher had been unsure about keeping in the novel.”   

This is also one of Prep School Librarian Mrs Pike's favourite books of the year. She says it is "a wonderful story about a beautiful friendship between two children and it brings joy and hope in all its ups and downs" and she agrees with Michael Morpurgo when he says: “Marcia Williams, I’m telling you, you are a marvellous writing person.”