Outstanding Entries in Photo & Poetry Competition

Senior 13-16 +1 More Sixth Form 16-18
Posted on: May 14th 2019

Fifi u5 reflection Photo Competition Harriet winner Senior School photo competition

Fifi, U5th Form & Harriet, 6th Form

This year's Senior School Poetry and Photography Competition invited pupils to submit poems and photos for one of three categories: Reflection, Distortion and Relationships.  Both the English Department and the Art Department were overwhelmed by the entries in each age group. The  quality of the writing was outstanding while the level of the photography outcomes was superb, with a wide range of both beautiful and abstract entries submitted. Winners and runners up were picked in year groups:

Poetry Winners

Sixth Form

Winner - Eleanor M

Runner up - Anna B

Fifth Form

Winner - Vibha M

Runner up - Izzy G

Fourth Form

Winner - Will L

Runner up - Cree C-l

* To read some of the winning poems, please click on the pupil's name above.

Natasha r poetry competition photo Arseny u5 Senior School Photo Competition

Natasha, 4th Form & Arseniy, U5th


Sixth Form

Winner - Gordon 

Runner up - Harriet 

Fifth Form

Winner - Arseniy 

Runner up - Fifi 

Gordon 3 reflections Photo Competition

Gordon, Sixth Form Winner

Joint Poetry & Photography

Joint Entry Winner - Natasha R

Joint Entry runner up - Roxy B

Many congratulations to all the winners!

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