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Prep 7-13
Posted on: May 10th 2019

Dunce Caps and Drill Exercises for Upper Shell

Upper shell at hitchin museum 2019

Upper Shell pupils, staff and parent helpers stepped back in time to 1837 on Thursday 9th May, travelling to The British Schools Museum in Hitchin. Every pupil took part in a Gallery lesson to learn The Three R’s; reading in rote style, writing using ink pens and blotting paper all with your right hand only! As well as the tricky arithmetic on slate boards converting pounds, shillings and pence. Unfortunately for some, they also experienced the less inspiring Victorian punishments and ridicules.

Dunce cap for Upper shell at hitchin museum 2019 Upper shell in class at hitchin museum 2019

Upper shell pupils dress up for hitchin museum 2019

Upper shell in old classroom at hitchin museum 2019 Upper shell girls at hitchin museum 2019.

A tour around the Headmaster's house, exploring all the interesting Victorian articles and artefacts, gave pupils an insight into Victorian living. Some of the main talking points included the taxidermy, a pipe organ, many unusual pieces of kitchen equipment, the outside tin bath and toilet and the bedroom guzunder!

The day ended with a drill lesson in the main hall: marching, balancing and climbing pretend ropes, with a few of the children having a go at being in charge!