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Posted on: May 3rd 2019

Form 2 Pupils Celebrate Buddhist Festival

Form 2 buddhist assembly may 2019

On Thursday 2nd May, Form 2 pupils enjoyed learning about Buddhism from two guest visitors Sakhya and Kavita, who also led the school assembly.  In May, Buddhists all around the world celebrate Wesak, so it was fascinating to learn more about the traditions associated with this important Buddhist festival.

Form 2 pupils dressed up in Buddhist Workshop 2019 Buddhist Workshop with Form 2 Pupils Dressed up 2019

Form 2 pupils enjoy Buddhist Workshop 2019 Buddhist Workshop in Prep School Hall for Form 2 2019

As part of the festivities, Buddhists bathe a statue of Baby Buddha. Firstly worshippers remove their shoes and cleanse themselves before they approach the Buddha. Lamps are lit and offerings are made. They use a special ladle to bathe the Buddha and they ask for blessings upon themselves and their family and friends. Form 2 pupils had an opportunity to take part in this festival, and they also learned about different aspects of life in a Buddhist monastery.

Form 2 pupils celebrate buddhist festival may 2019

Sakhya lived in a monastic Buddhist community for many years. He told us all about having to get up at 2.45 every morning. He had to wash his sleeping area with eucalyptus water every morning whilst chanting mantras. After a cold shower and dressing routines, he then had two hours of 'veda class (holy scriptures)' before going out to work in the local community. Everyone agreed that this lifestyle would require self discipline and lots of dedication!

Each of our Form Two classes had an opportunity to retell the story of how Prince Siddhartha became the Buddha, and the costumes that some of them tried on were quite stunning.  Everyone agreed that Sakhya and Kavita certainly brought Buddhism to life!