Food For Thought for Prep School Pupils

Prep 7-13
Posted on: April 30th 2019

Pupils taste different foods for new menu

On Friday 26th April, pupils from across the Prep School were given the opportunity to taste and score some new and exciting foods, to determine which ones will make it onto the dining hall menus in the future. The pupils' comments and votes were collected, with the following results:

Results Yes So-So Don't like
Beef Burger 66 25 1
Lamb kofte 47 21 7
Chicken kofte 45 16 4
Cumberland sausage 91 6 2
Pork & Leek sausage 71 16 4
Lamb & Mint sausage 54 24 12


Catering Manager, Gary, will now start planning our new menus!

Fresh food being tasted in dining hall New menu items displayed for tasting test New menu food items tasted by Prep School pupils

Gary with Prep School pupils ready for food tasting Food taste test in dining hall

Prep School boys enjoy food tasting tests