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Prep 7-13
Posted on: April 12th 2019

Diversity of Instruments in Prep School Recital

Prep School Girl in informal Instrumental Recital March 19

Prep School musicians from Upper Shell to Form 2 took part in a morning of instrumental recitals on Monday 25th March, with many different ensembles performing to each other on a wide range of instruments. It was a fantastic opportunity for pupils to perform in front of their peers in a relaxed, informal setting and they played a wonderful range of instruments, from the bassoon, tuba and French horn to drum, recorder and flute.

Prep School girls on bassoon in Recital Room March 19 Prep School drummers in Instrumental Recital 2019

Prep School boys on recorders in Instrumental Recital

Prep School bassoonists play in Instrumental Recital 2019 Prep School tuba players in Instrumental Recital

Prep School flautists in Instrumental Recital March 2019 Prep School Cellists perform in Instrumental Recital 2019

Well done to everyone who took part!