Business & Economics Group's Bite of the Big Apple

Sixth Form 16-18
Posted on: April 10th 2019

Business economics trip to ny easter 2019

Thirty-one Business and Economics students travelled to New York for a five-day visit at the start of the Easter holidays. As one of the most recognisable metropolises in the world, many commented that, although it was their first visit to the "gateway of the free world" it all felt strangely familiar - a movie scene on every avenue.

Business & Economics Students on Boat Trip around NYC 6th form students outside nyce on trip to nyc

6th form econ business students on wall street

Statue of Liberty on Business & Economics Trip 2019 Inside the UN on Business & Economics NYC Trip 2019

Business econ students at morgan stanley in nyc Business economics group in nyc 2019 

The students enjoyed a packed programme, which took in all the sights including the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island, Macy’s - the biggest department store in the world, Top of the Rock, and a visit to Wall Street.  For many, the highlight was seeing the 9/11 Museum, the UN security council and general assembly rooms.  However, most said the inspirational visit to Morgan Stanley, with a presentation from the Managing Director of Global Prime, was something that will stay with them for years to come.

Shaun Murtagh-Howard, Business & Economics