Lower Fifth Do Charity Enterprise Challenge To a T

Senior 13-16
Posted on: April 3rd 2019

 Lower 5th Pupils with Charity Enterprise T Shirts

On Thursday 21st March Lower Fifth pupils and tutors gathered to hear each House present the charity business pitches they had been working on during the Spring Term as part of the HE & Careers T Shirt Enterprise Challenge.  Since the start of term, pupils had worked together to create an effective and convincing fundraising campaign for a charity of their choice, including an appealing design for a T shirt representing their charity.  

  Collett House T Shirt for Survivors UK Sutton House pupil wearing CALM T Shirt Tee House The Brain Charity T Shirt

HE & Careers T Shirt Enterprise Challenge March 19 Young House t shirt design in HE & Careers challenge HE & Careers L5 Enterprise Challenge T Shirt Design

L5 T Shirt Enterprise Challenge t shirt design L5 pupil modelling t shirt design in HE & Careers Challenge T Shirt as part of L5 T Shirt Challenge 2019

On the day of the Challenge, each House presented their campaign to the other pupils, who acted as judges, evaluating the merits of each campaign according to a set of criteria.  The results were then converted to 'donations', with each Tutor group assigning £50 to the team they judged to be the best, £25 to the second best team, £15 to the third and £10 to the fourth.  The winning team was the one that managed to collect the most donations overall.

HE & Careers were very impressed with all of the presentations and T shirt designs. They were imaginative, included a diverse range of charities, some of which had difficult messages, and each presentation reflected a huge amount of work and research.  The winners of the competition were announced in Final Assembly on the last day of term and the results were as follows: 

Benson house presenting chips

  1. Benson House with CHIPS – Children’s Integrated PlayschemesBenson House T Shirt Competition winners with CHIPS
  2. Sutton House with CALM – Campaign Against Living Miserably
  3. Collett House with Survivors UK – Male sexual abuse support
  4. Tee House with The Brain Charity – National support for neurological conditions

Congratulations to the team from Benson House, who will have £100 donated to their chosen charity as a prize and well done to all the houses!  Donations to the charity can be made through their JustGiving page.

HE & Careers Team