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Posted on: March 11th 2019

Year 2 Do Battle with Shell Centurions

Shell Roman Soldiers on the march March 2019

On Thursday 7th March, Year 2 pupils were confronted with a surprise invasion by the Romans! Lower Shell Centurions marched up to Pre-Prep and into Year 2 classrooms brandishing their Roman shields. Year 2 prisoners were taken into the playground and a battle ensued!

Shell Roman Soldiers approach Pre-Prep March 2019 Year 2 pupils with Shell Centurions in Pre-Prep

Roman battle in Pre-Prep playground March 2019 Pre-Prep do battle with Roman Shell Centurions March 2019

Shell Romans prepare for battle with Year 2 2019 Year 2 pupils with weapons to fight Romans 2019

Shell roman soldiers with their shields