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Prep 7-13
Posted on: March 7th 2019

Library Ambassadors Appointed to the Prep School

L3 library ambassadors 2

Following on from a recommendation from Pupil Council meetings, the library has now recruited a group of Lower 3rd pupils to be Library Ambassadors.

The group consists of Amy J, Zachary B, Henry K, Alissa Z, Madeleine P, Olivia S, Elizabeth O, Rebecca T and Harvey Theato, and they are to be aided and mentored by two U3rd Pupil Councillors, Lola T and Jake S.

The role of the Library Ambassadors will not only include a regular weekly commitment to help in the library keeping it tidy, but to be at all times a spokesperson for the library, promoting reading choices and advising their peers on useful resources for homework, and  helping out  at library events. With a passion for the library that these pupils have already demonstrated, I am sure these Library Ambassadors will fully live up to their name!

Mrs Pike, Prep School Librarian