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Senior 13-16
Posted on: March 6th 2019

A Feast of Maths Challenges

L5th maths feast group

On Friday 1st March Harry, Jonah, Vibha and Charlie took part in ‘The Maths Feast’ at The John Warner School in Hoddesdon. Twelve teams from local schools pitted their brains against a range of challenges requiring not only mathematical skill and confidence but also co-operation and team work.

As a warm up the pupils made origami pentagons, Jonah and Harry later received a chocolaty treat for the accuracy of their folding. The challenges in the four rounds varied from, a team relay where the answer from a previous question needed to be used by others in the team before they could answer their question, to a comprehension exercise where the pupils read about an A-level topic and then attempted to apply their new skills to problems. The scores our team achieved were Round 1 - 46/60, Round 2 - 19/21, Round 3 - 20/20 and Round 4 - 10/20, giving 95/121, a very impressive total. Bancroft’s school scored the highest total, and we were told that we were one of the top 4 teams.

I thoroughly enjoyed spending the morning with these four enthusiastic mathematicians and, from the conversations in the car on the way back to school, I think they all enjoyed the experience too.