4th Form Musicians Showcase their Talents

Senior 13-16
Posted on: February 26th 2019

4th Form Musicians in Recital February 2019

On the evening of Monday 25th February, the annual 4th Form Concert took place in the Recital Room, giving the youngest members of the Senior School the opportunity to perform amongst their peers. Well done to all of the musicians on their impressive oboe, piano, cello, horn, harp and voice performances.  Pupil Thomas W, who was one of the evening's performers, has written the following review:

"The first performance was an oboe trio, Bente H, Lindsey B, and Ms. Catherine Wild (their teacher), playing Allegretto by David Rees. It was the first of several lovely performances on the night.  

One of the trio players, Bente, subsequently played a beautiful rendition of The Nightingale on the harp. She also accompanied Lindsey’s lovely singing to the Hymn to the Virgin Mary by Benjamin Britten. Two fine pianists took part: Arthur E and Laura H. They both carried their difficult pieces with musicality, Arthur playing Sonatina in A minor and Laura playing Santa Dorothea by Franz Liszt. Natasha R played Minuet and Trio from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart on the horn, a difficult but well-performed piece. Oscar S performed a great Concerto in A Minor by Vivaldi on the violin. Thomas W played a Minuet by Johann Sebastian Bach, a challenging but lovely piece. 

It was an evening of piano, oboe, violin, cello, horn, harp, and singing with lots of applause. We look forward to the next concert!   

Performers in 4th Form Music Recital 592 1604

Thomas playing cello in 4th Form Concert 2019

Senior School Pianist performs in 4th Form Recital Feb 19  Violinist in 4th Form Recital February 2019

 Harpist in 4th Form Recital 2019

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