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Posted on: February 6th 2019

Netball Triumph for Young House

Young House girl in Senior School House Netball 2019

Senior School girls played their hearts out for their House in the House Netball tournament on Tuesday 5th February.  Well done to all the players and congratulations to Young House, who won both the Senior and Junior sections of the competition.

Senior Junior
1st Young 1st Young
2nd Alliott 2nd Trotman
3rd Benson 3rd Benson
4th Tee 4th Alliott
5th Trotman 5th Tee


Senior School House Netball underway January 2019 Benson & Tee House playing House Netball 2019

Match in Senior School House Netball 2019 Senior House Netball with Benson House 2019